Saturday, September 4, 2010

What do we women think sometimes?

This is a trivial topic, actually, the topic is not what is trivial, but the characters and how all women can relate to them are. Kat von D is dating Jesse James - yes, remember the one that slept with almost every tatooed stripper out there while married to Sandra Bullock? She claims "he is the one" . And I wonder, why oh why do us women with do this to ourselves?

I teach my daughter, almost daily, that she has to love herself. I teach my son that he should not lie to anyone when he's in any type of relationship, because it is unfair to the person, and to himself. And my kids are not even teens yet...they're just tweens!

Believe me, I understand the thrill and excitement of dating a bad boy. I married one. But the idea of being with someone that - as almost the whole world knows - has commitment issues is another deal. I will cut James some slack since we can all make mistakes, how many mistakes where there (more than 5) ? But what has me thinking the most is how we at some point or another put ourselves out there - like one of those white dressed guys in the festivals at San Fermin - we enjoy the thrill of the game, but know that we might get rammed by a 100 lb bull - with absolutely no mercy.

Where do our lines blur between this might burn to I'm burning? Is the need to feel accepted, feel that we CAN change someone. I'll make him right, I'm the one who's going to fix whatever's wrong. ", we might think. It's not that simple, hopefully in some cases it works, but this one makes me feel all kind of wrong. Watch out girl, you might be walking right into the path of an oncoming train!

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 down, 4 to go

Wonderful little creatures my pups. Thank God for kids! I helped my neighbour out taking care of her 3 beautiful daughters, the smallest one the most energetic - and thank goodness all kids love puppies. So, my kids and their friends helped keep the pups in line and help me out with them...and in the middle of everything creating memories for the kids!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I find coming up with titles for my blog posts a bit challenging...that means that as soon as I see the blank window that follows the tile and the colons, I go totally blank. So for this one, the title is simple, even though the day with my furry friends was not.

Who can ever say life is boring, especially with pets? Here's the situation at my house: 1 house pet (Coco, a chocolate lab mix); her 7 puppies, and two other dogs I decided my kids could pet sit to get some extra cash ( I know, I know!! What the hell was I thinking??). Needless to say I realized it was too much after the fact. When I get back home from looking for furniture - that I knew I wouldn't buy from the getgo - I went to pet my dog when I realized that she was sticky. I went to check the on puppies and I realised they were sticky too...long story short...I ended up having to bathe all 7 puppies and Coco too - oh and plus the neighbour's dog because bathing dogs is a contagious feeling, it seems...I believe with strong certainty I am ready to put a pet vacation place with the kiddos (this could be plan C of my 10-yr plan - I'll explain the 10-yr plan in a later post). Now one thing is that I'm proud of myself because I pulled it off...all puppies and mama bathed, clean, and fed. Not bad for someone that wasn't too handy with the pets. Note to self for next time: no looking for furniture or any type of extra curricular activities when I have to pull an overnight shift...didn't get much sleep..(any actually)...back to The Jury At Nuremburg on Canal 7 Argentina. It's 1am and my day is about alllmost half over.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bringing life to this blog

I've been beating around the bush for the past couple of years with this blog. My initial premise was to tell stories on this blog about a mom of two that has challenged herself, not only for her personal satisfaction, but also to become a better example for her children and that premise is simple: when you put your mind to something you can eventually make it happen.

I've always wanted to be a journalist. Initially, when I started this journey into journalism, I wanted to be a war correspondent. Needless to say, it didn't turn out that way - it happens a lot to me. I plan for anything, going to doctors appointments, parties, going out, saving money....etc, and destiny takes a hold of the steering wheel and makes a sharp turn.

After years of wanting to get into this world of journalism 20 years passed by and I finally made it...and thank goodness I didn't give up! I was miserable at times, frustrated, and honestly didn't think I would get to the finish line. But I did. And I'm happy.

Now, another chapter begins. I started this blog in 2007 and then abandoned it. It's mid 2010 and I've decided that enough with my self imposed writers block. I want to tell stories, of my white picket fence life, my hilarious children (I think they inherited that sharp sense of humor from me!), of my all the experiences I have thanks to my wonderful job, and of what I learn from the people I meet along the way.

So this is it....hold tight! Alot of experimentation on the way....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Would you agree?

I was perusing some websites, since I have extremely little to do around here today. Isn't it almost excrutiatingly painful when time doesn't seem to go by at work... that is why in my search for something to read online, I came across this very interesting list...EW published on it's website the list of 25 Things We Hate:,,20041669_20042482_20043806,00.html.

Check it out, it's fun, and I think you can agree...

BTW, how's everyone in the virtual community?